Disney Dreamlight Valley posts emoji-filled tweet with potential release date for update 3

Release date?

Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter

The Disney Dreamlight Valley devs love to surprise fans of the game with little secrets and cryptic messages. One look at the official Twitter page and you will see multiple posts where they ask followers to emote them what characters they want to see. In a turning of the tables, a tweet was released that may or may not reveal the release date for update 3. This tweet is filled with emojis and has players debating whether or not the update is coming or if it will just be when they can expect to see more information about it.

While the tweet is very short and only has a handful of emojis, fans of the game know what each one is referring to. The snowman refers to Olaf, the 100 is for the 100th-anniversary event, and the house and rabbit are for some features being added like the dapper-looking bunny companion and house skins. What has everyone confused is the date with many speculating whether this is when the update will be released or if it is when we will be getting more information about the upcoming update. While there are many hoping for it to be the official release of the update, more information would be nice.

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The Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter page has been very active recently with the upcoming update. In the past few weeks, fans have seen various tweets showing off house skins, Olaf’s behind, and even the roadmap for the first half of the year. Update 3 will include additional house features, Mirabel, and more companions. Future updates are set to include long-awaited additions like multiplayer while others will include new realms and changes to the storage system.