Disney Dreamlight Valley will bring Stitch and Buzz Lightyear to your village for Christmas

Imagine Stitch dropping down your chimney instead of Santa.

Screenshot via Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter

Developer Gameloft had already confirmed that it would be adding Toy Story-themed content to its Disney Dreamlight Valley life sim by the end of the year. We now not only have a release date for when it’ll arrive, but Gameloft has teased several other pieces of new content that will come alongside it as part of its upcoming Christmas-themed update.

And it certainly looks very Christmas-themed judging by the new key art Gameloft shared, with the valley covered in thick snow, Woody and Buzz building a snowman, and the likes of Mickey and Merlin wearing Christmassy outfits. However, it also sounds like it will be sharing some kind of space theme as the update is titled Missions in Uncharted Space.

Plus, the art confirms another new Disney icon that will visit your village — the wacky little blue alien Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. Given both he and Buzz have connections to outer space, any new missions will no doubt involve at least one of them, though whether you actually go into space yourself is another question entirely.

The player character is also wearing new winter clothes so new customization options are practically guaranteed for the update. As noted earlier, Mickey and Merlin have new outfits too, which is interesting since you can’t customize the clothes of the Disney characters. What’s likely going to happen is that select characters will receive Christmas-themed outfits for the duration of the season.

You won’t need to wait much longer for the update to drop either as Gameloft already has it scheduled for December 6, which is this coming Tuesday. There’s no end date but considering the two previous content seasons (the Pixar and villains-themed ones) lasted for just over a month, Dreamlight Valley’s Christmas season will likely run until early January.

As a reminder, Dreamlight Valley is still an early access title and is planned to receive a full free-to-play release in 2023. Gameloft is also busy working on another free-to-play Disney title — racing game Disney Speedstorm — which was meant to launch by the end of the year, but has now been delayed into 2023.