Dying Light 2 skill trees revealed in new video

Will you lean into parkour or combat?

Image via Techland

If you’ve been anticipating Dying Light 2 Stay Human, good news: you can start planning where to place your points right now. We’ve just gotten a preview of the sequel’s skill trees, and they seem full of action-packed options to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Developer Techland’s Skill Trees Reveal video is very straightforward; it’s a no-frills preview of some of the game’s skills. There are two trees in Stay Human, focusing on combat and parkour. For the combat tree, we get a look at skills like Block Charge, which lets you charge out of a blocking position to knock an enemy to the ground. Perfect Parry staggers an enemy if you parry their attack at the last moment, and Ground Pound is a “powerful” mid-air attack.

As for the parkour tree, the first skill shown is Far Jump. As the name implies, this lets you spring from “any obstacle” to jump further into the air. Bash lets you charge right through enemies and obstacles without losing momentum, and Tic Tac serves as a wall run, taking you across horizontal surfaces. These half-dozen skills don’t have the expected visual flair or impact of ones you’ll get at the tops of the trees, but they do give us a pretty good idea of what Dying Light 2 will look like in action.

The sequel is coming early next month, with a locked-in released date of February 4. Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch through the cloud. PC players can plan ahead by checking the minimum and recommended specs.