Elden Ring fan crafts beautiful Iron Fist Alexander mug

The pot friend is now a mug friend.

Image via Old Devil Fine Wares

Ever since he first appeared in an Elden Ring trailer, Iron Fist Alexander has been a fan favorite. First known as “pot friend,” the Living Jar has a full questline in the game which will take you from the hills of Limgrave all the way up to Crumbling Farum Azula in the clouds. Like many characters, he’s received plenty of attention and fan art, but one craftsman has taken his appreciation to the next level.

Old Devil Fine Wares is a shop for hand-crafted dishware, drinkware, and other ceramics. Artist Logan Stefonek created a custom Iron Fist Alexander, complete with crossed coal-like arms and legs. It might not be the most practical mug for drinking beverages, but that’s OK considering Stefonek isn’t looking to sell it right now. “The fact Elden Ring has found a way to invade not only my personal life, but my professional life as well is actually pretty incredible,” he said in an Instagram post. “Testament to a truly great game.”

Image via Old Devil Fine Wares

Iron Fist Alexander is a friendly Living Jar, though his kind are usually enemies that try to take you out with spins and body slams. Defeating them often awards Living Jar Shards and other resources. The game includes some other pieces of gear modeled after these pot people, such as the Companion Jar Talisman that raises the potency of thrown pot items. You can even summon your own team of Living Jars with the Soljars of Fortune Spirit Ashes, though it’s not quite the same as fighting General Radahn alongside Alexander.

Of course, no Elden Ring character has gotten as much attention as Malenia, Blade of Miquella. She’s generally considered the hardest boss to defeat in the entire game, to the point where certain players have made her battle their sole focus. Legendary community member Let Me Solo Her received an actual sword from developer FromSofware in honor of their thousands of duels against the Goddess of Rot.