Elden Ring players use “pizza cutters” to shred Malenia in under 30 seconds

Ghiza’s Wheel works wonders.

Image via FromSoftware

By now, every Elden Ring player ought to be very familiar with Malenia, Blade of Miquella. She’s generally considered the hardest boss to beat in the entire game. Since the game’s release, we’ve seen many videos that show her being taken down with creative strategies. The newest of these comes from Reddit user explicitiguana.

They shared a video of their “cheesy” strategy on the Elden Ring subreddit. Taking on Malenia as a co-op trio, explicitiguana and two friends rush in with Ghiza’s Wheel, jokingly referred to by the Elden Ring crowd as “the pizza cutter.” It’s a colossal weapon with a spinning wheel of blades attached at one end, allowing players to hold the weapon in place and shred enemies, bosses, and other players alike by quickly bleeding up bleed damage.

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With three wheels trained on Malenia at once, she’s torn to ribbons in a stun-locked state, ending her first phase in less than 30 seconds. Considering how difficult she is normally, it’s very cathartic to watch. We don’t get to see the second half of the fight, but hopefully her Goddess of Rot form was also taken down quickly.

Not long ago, we saw another Reddit member take on Malenia with a build designed to mimic The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia. Many players have turned this particular boss fight into a passion project. The most prominent of these is Let Me Solo Her, a lauded Elden Ring community member who racked up 1,000 kills against Malenia.

The swordstress has also been the subject of several mods. Souls series YouTuber Garden of Eyes pitted her against every major boss in the game, many of which she decimates in mere seconds. Another player replaced every enemy in the game with Malenia in an extremely daring challenge. Amazingly, they still managed to beat it.