Elden Ring video pits Malenia against every major boss in the game

Can anyone dethrone the Goddess of Rot?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Many Elden Ring players consider Malenia Blade of Miquella to be the hardest boss in the game. Between her life-stealing blows, anime-style Waterfowl Dance, and devastating Scarlet Rot attack, she makes short work of many Tarnished. But how would she fare against the other bosses?

Soulsborne content creator Garden of Eyes decided to find out. Their latest video is Malenia vs All Bosses, and while that title is a bit of a misnomer, it does pit the Goddess of Rot against the game’s major bosses across the span of 40 minutes. Some of the fights are complete jokes: the Grafted Scion at the beginning of the game goes down in about 20 seconds. Others like the formidable Fire Giant and the game’s final boss give the swordstress a real run for her money. We won’t spoil the outcome of any of the fights, but you can watch them below to see how your favorites stack up.

This isn’t the first time Garden of Eyes has created epic Elden Ring content involving Malenia. The YouTuber previously created a Spirit Ash Summon mod for Let Me Solo Her, perhaps the single most beloved member of the game’s community. Let Me Solo Her is the perfect exemplar of Elden Ring’s multiplayer: a player whose sole goal is to help others defeat a boss considered by many to be the hardest. After completing the Haligtree and Elphael, some lucky players have the opportunity to call Let Me Solo Her for assistance in the climactic fight against Malenia — as long as they summon the right person.

Let Me Solo Her, whose actual handle was revealed to be Klein Tsuboi, recently streamed their 1,000th Malenia kill. It’s a monumental feat when you consider that beating her even once is too much for many players. Klein Tsuboi will receive a special gift from publisher Bandai Namco for their stellar service.