Epic Games is investigating Fortnite audio issues on Xbox

Some players have been able to fix the issue themselves.

Image via Epic Games

Some Xbox Fortnite players have been reporting sound glitches since yesterday. In some cases, the sound is stuttering, lagging, or choppy, and in others, the sound keeps cutting out, or else the sound is not working at all. There are currently no reports of audio issues on any other platform. PlayStation and PC are fine. The bug may only be affecting Xbox One and not Xbox Series X.

Players have reported that, in some cases, closing then reopening the game fixes the problem. Others have said that completely reinstalling the game does the trick, while others still have claimed that only completely resetting the Xbox makes any difference. Unfortunately, some players have tried all three of the above solutions, and the audio issues still persist.

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Epic Games is aware of the problem and has tweeted that it is investigating. That was nine hours ago, and there have been no updates since. But then most of Epic’s bug fixers, like most of Fortnite’s players, are probably sleeping right now. Past issues of this nature in Fortnite have typically been fixed within about 24 hours, so if you’re still experiencing audio issues, you’ll probably only have to play with the sound off and Visualize Sound Effects option on for a bit longer.