Fall Guys datamine reveals upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog crossover

Gotta fall fast.

Screenshot via Mediatonic

Fall Guys has just kicked off a brand new Halo crossover event, hot on the heels of its launch on Xbox and Nintendo Switch and its transition to free-to-play. Yet even this is not enough for the intrepid data miners who are scouring the game’s code for hints of what might be next to come. One such individual has managed to unearth some evidence that suggests the next big crossover event could be with a certain familiar blue blur.

Data miner FGPancake revealed some intriguing screenshots on Twitter today that seem to reveal that the next big Fall Guys crossover will be with none other than Sonic the Hedgehog. In their Tweets, FGPancake shares images of a never before seen level populated with familiar-looking rings and springs, allegedly named “Bean Hill Zone” after the famous Sonic opening level. Also revealed in subsequent Tweets were the Bean Hill Zone icon and the bottom halves of some Sonic-themed costumes.

Only costumes for Super Sonic, Dr Robotnik, and Tails have seemingly been unearthed by FGPancake at present, but should this event be the real deal, it’s highly likely that several other fan favorite characters will make the cut as well, especially considering the Sonic and Knuckles costumes that have previously been available. It’s also not clear yet whether there will be other Sonic-themed levels alongside the Bean Hill Zone available to play, though the likelihood of other cosmetics inspired by Sega’s iconic mascot, such as name plates and emotes, seems high, at least.

Fans seem confident that this update will hit some time in August, but at present nothing has been confirmed by either Mediatonic or Sega. It would make a lot of sense for Fall Guys to have something big planned for a few months’ time, though, in order to keep riding the wave of its renewed popularity in the wake of its free-to-play release.