How to get the Sonic Knuckles costume in Fall Guys

Unfortunately, there isn’t an Idris Elba voice pack that comes with the costume.

Screenshot via Mediatonic

Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog has joined Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as a new costume for players to buy. Knuckles follows the footsteps of the previously released Sonic costume. The Knuckles costume will be available at the in-game store between November 12 and 14.

For players to buy the Knuckle costume they need a total of 22,000 Kudos — 11,000 Kudos for the top half of the costume, and another 11,000 Kudos on the bottom half. Kudos are a coin-style currency that is different from the Crown currencies in the game.

Players earn Kudos by either performing well in rounds, gaining them as rewards during Seasons, receiving them during in-game promotions, or simply buying them with real money. If a player wants to use real money to get Kudos, the cheapest option to get enough to buy the Knuckles costume is the Small Kudos Pack bundle, which will come with 27,500 Kudos and costs $9.99.

Sonic and Knuckles aren’t the only characters that have cross-over with Fall Guys. The game has had multiple costumes based on characters from other franchises, including Godzilla, the Among Us Crewmate, Doomslayer from Doom, 2B from Neir, Tron, and more. Some of these costumes were only available for a limited time, like during Season events. Some of the costumes do return in later updates, such as the Godzilla and Sonic costumes returning in Season 3.5.