Fall Guys developers lay out post-release content plan, with new levels, features to come

More content to come.

Fall Guys title Screen

Screengrab via Devolver Digital

The game has only released this morning, but Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has confirmed via Twitter that a plan is in place to add more content to the game over time, and even teased the possibility of some collaborations following a Twitter thread.

New content that is planned for the game includes the addition of new levels to add to the list of rounds playable for fans, more costumes with which to kit your fall guy out, and some new features, though no hint was offered as to what these would entail.

The new features referenced are likely to include the possibility of cross-platform play, something Mediatonic has previously talked about implementing, and private games, though this is only likely to happen once player numbers have leveled out.

Fall Guys, which was released on PlayStation 4 and PC, is a battle royale with a more laid-back feel. You must run, jump, and dive past opponents in a series of obstacle courses, some of which require you to race to the finish line, while others task you with survival. There are also team games where you have to work together to eliminate opposition teams. 

The Fall Guys social media team has been very active and enjoys posting Fall Guys-related memes. Their content plan post also included the quote, “You fool, this isn’t even my final form,” regarding their upcoming content, originally said by Frieza from Dragonball Z. Namco Bandai, who owns the game rights to the Dragonball series, praised the crossover reference, to which the Fall Guys team immediately called for collaboration. 

While this is obviously some developers having fun, hopefully they can work something out as we would love some super-Saiyan Goku hair for our fall guys.