Fallout 76 Bugs And Issues After Patch

 Fallout 76 Bugs And Issues After Patch

On November 19, Bethesda released the first post-launch Patch for Fallout 76. It updated the game to version on Xbox One, on PS4, and on PC, and was 47 GB in size. The update carried lot of bug fixes and improvements and each of them was detailed by Bethesda in the official Patch Notes. Sadly, things didn’t go as per the plan of Bethesda, and the patch added many new bugs and performance issues. Fallout 76 sub-Reddit users have shared a long list of bugs (the thread has over 4K upvotes) that they have experienced after installing Update

Fallout 76 Patch Bugs

Fallout 76 Bugs And Issues After Patch

Check out the list of all the new bugs in Fallout 76 post Patch

Quest Bugs

  • Mount Blair – Craft Ignition Core while having one in inventory will use resources but not create a new one. You have to drop each Ignition Core after you craft it and then pick them all up again.
  • Personal Matters – Kill Evan – Zone into his room and if he is already dead, you cannot progress. You have to jump servers to find one he is alive on.
  • Powering up Posiden – Having it done does not actually power the workshop, and the workshop just says get Posiden running.
  • Many Quests get stuck at some point where they won’t progress. Leaving server and coming back (even if the same server – joining back to a team) clears up the issue.
  • Daily Quest – Does not remember progress if your connection drops for any reason. (intentional or not) Needs to remember where you are at on the quest if you drop from the server. Quite frustrating if you have gotten pretty far in a quest and drop.


  • Looping sound – gun shot or some other sound that just keeps looping.. its not a distant sound, its a sound like it happened right by your ear, and nothing is going on near you.
  • Team VOIP dropping out often. Hard to hear others.
  • Team VOIP needs a Mic volume slider. Everyone is too quiet, yet if you put it on the area the people around are too dang loud.


  • Explosive Weapons – Using an explosive weapon or a weapon that shoots explosive bullets will render enemies in god mode, the only melee will work to kill them. The only way to fix this is completely to log out.
  • Perks – fix it Good and Weapon Artisan repair – Are supposed to let you repair to 200%. But in their current state, They repair it to 100% + 1 hit. If you repair your power armor to 200%, it will break to 100% the first time it takes a hit. If you repair your gun to 200%, it will break to 100% the first time it loses durability.
  • Crafting with a high INT also adds bonus durability which also goes down to 100% upon first use.
  • Leaver-action rifle always reloads 5 rounds even if you only shot 1.
  • Gatling plasma/laser start ammo count equal to the number of fusion cores in your inventory when you equip them.
  • Power Armor – Put more than one power core in a Power Armor. Enter power armor. Get out you only have 1 now. Logging out and back in does not fix.

General UI lag

  • When in any inventory, crafting, vendor…. highlighting line seems to be moving behind the mouse cursor a bit… have to wait for a second for it to catch up to the item I am hovering over, or have to go one more item and then back up to the item I wanted to select.
  • Event Quest – Where you need to collect items and put them in a Hopper or some other device. If you are rapidly pushing E it can put equipment your wearing or other stuff, but there is no way to get it back.
  • When looting plants (flowers, fungus, etc.) randomly losing ammo. Get the fungus was added message immediately followed by 10mm(2) was removed.
  • When selling/scrapping item, if your mouse is hovering over another item while confirming, it will sell/scrap the hovered over item instead of the one you are trying to sell/scrap.
  • When trying to loot, you see the list of items but cant loot anything. Going to the transfer menu allows you to loot.
  • Achievement Rewards – sometimes are delayed. I reached level 8 and did not get my Perk Card pack, but about mid way through the level I got the notification I achieved it and could open a pack. My wife didn’t get hers until she reached level 9.
  • Dead Mob not in the same place for each player.
  • Scrapping menu – scrap an item and the list jumbles up and now your looking again to see which item you want to scrap next. Have seen this over and over. And if you’re running through many items, you may accidentally scrap a favorite item.
  • Cross-hair picks up an enemy without any enemy in your view and just shows as in front of you no matter where you look.
  • Key-bind Changes not being saved. – log off and back on binds are reset to default.
  • Movement – If you encumbered, you can crouch and aim and you will not lose AP. This may be by design.
  • Friend Invite and Team Invite had several issues where it just didn’t work. No error, and the person you were inviting just never got a message.
  • Character occasionally gets frozen (not the client, just the character) when zoning or entering a Power Armor. Can be fixed by fast traveling, but if you are overweight this is not a solution, so you have to exit the game and come back.
  • Exit to desktop takes longer than it does to load up the game and enter the server.
  • Got stuck in the world couldn’t move had to fast travel to get out of it.

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