Fallout 76’s Cryptid Hunt begins with Rip Daring leading the charge into the 2023 season

Let the hunt begin.

Image via Bethesda

The developers at Bethesda have been pushing DLC for Fallout 76 at a consistent rate, with previous additions including new events, stories, weapons, and more. The 2023 season is officially kicking off today with Rip Daring’s Cryptid Hunt. As the cryptid enemies grow stronger, you will experience new threats and even greater dangers including new mutated events. The developers have even been so kind as to reveal the new roadmap for the first half of the year.

Image via Bethesda

For those who haven’t been playing Fallout 76 on PC, the Public Test Server has been allowing players to access new mutated events, which are set to go live with the Rip Daring Cryptid Hunt. These mutated events will increase the difficulty of these challenges by introducing new obstacles to overcome such as resistant, volatile, and toxic enemies that are sure to give any vault dweller a run for their money. Completing these events will grant everyone who participated with Mutated Packages that give special rewards like legendary weapons, meds, and rare plans.

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While you are completing these events, you can participate in the Cryptid Hunt. This new season offers an entirely new scoreboard with rewards like new allies, cryptid-themed furniture for your camp, and Rip Daring’s signature weapon the Cold Shoulder. You’ll need to take out all kinds of cryptids to move up the board and get all the prizes.

Later in the year, you can expect more updates to come to the game as Bethesda also announced the roadmap leading up to June. April and May are already packed with events ranging from Scrip Surplus to the Mothman Equinox as well as a Treasure Hunter’s weekend. June will welcome an additional update and another new season as well as the return of Invaders From Beyond leading into July. This year is certainly looking to be one filled with excitement and danger in Appalachia. More information about the update can be found on the official Fallout 76 website.