Family Guy’s Peter Griffin Finally Coming To Fortnite According To Leaked Chapter 5 Battle Pass

Family Guy’s Peter Griffin is coming to Fortnite Chapter 5 according to a leaked Battle Pass image from the Xbox Marketplace.

Peter Griffin Fortnite
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After years of teasing from Epic Games, the prophecy is being fulfilled as Peter Griffin is allegedly coming to Fortnite via that Chapter 5 Battle Pass. As Fortnite’s crossovers have grown more ridiculous, a Family Guy collab seems less farfetched than ever.

Chapter 5 is just a couple of days away, and players are feeling mixed emotions. On one hand, Fortnite Chapter 5 marks the end of the most successful season to date – Fortnite OG – which was a return to the first Chapter of the Battle Royale. But on the other hand, we’re entering into a brand new Chapter with a completely fresh map, weapon pool, and mechanics.

That said, a recent leak may push players onto the positive side as it claims Peter Griffin and Solid Snake are coming to Fortnite.

Peter Griffin Coming To Fortnite, According To Leak

In classic Fortnite fashion, the first leak of the new chapter comes from a digital storefront. Notable leaker Shiina posted a photo to X (formerly Twitter) of the Xbox Dashboard that seemingly revealed the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass.

Titled “Underground,” the season seems to feature several stylish characters, including some mob boss rendition of Jonsey, a humanoid tiger in slacks, and a couple of crossover skins. While the image shows Metal Gear Solid’s main man, Solid Snake, standing on top of a car, the main focus is on the character on the far left: Peter Griffin.

While Peter may seem like just another goofy Battle Pass crossover to some, seasoned players will know this is a long time coming. Hints to a Family Guy crossover have been found in the files and on live streams for years, reaching all the way back to Chapter 1. However, as adult cartoons like Futurama and Rick & Morty received in-game cosmetics, players continued to wonder why Family Guy was left out.

That said, if the leaks are to be believed, Family Guy’s main character, Peter Griffin, will be getting victory royales in Chapter 5.