Is Fortnite OG The Last Season of Chapter 4?

The Fortnite OG Season brings back a lot of nostalgia, but will this be the last season for Chapter 4 as draw closer to the end of 2023?


Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is releasing a heavy season called Fortnite OG, where they’re bringing many of their fan-favorite weapons, items, and locations from Chapter 1. It’s called the OG Season, and many are curious about what this means for Fortnite Chapter 4.

Many players are curious if the Fortnite OG season will be the final season of Chapter 4, and this means it’s going to lead into Chapter 5. These are typically massive events that occur in the game, bringing many players together for a live event, followed by some downtime, and then a huge reveal. Here’s what we know about if Fortnite OG is the last season of Chapter 4 and when it ends.

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Will Fortnite OG Be The Last Season of Chapter 4?

There have been a lot of talks leading up to the Fortnite OG Season, and from what we can tell, it looks like it will be the last season of Chapter 4. What’s more, it’s going to be a relatively short season, where it starts on November 3, 2023, and ending on December 3, 2023, providing players only a month to enjoy the throwback content, grab the many cosmetics and rewards on the battle pass, and then jumping into the next major event to kickstart December.

To reflect a short season, Epic Games is also releasing a smaller battle pass for the Fortnite OG Season. Typically, a battle pass consists of 100 levels for players to work their way through over the course of several weeks. Because Fortnite OG will be shorter, there are only 50 levels of rewards, with many of them being remixed cosmetics of skins that initially appeared in Chapter 1 when Fortnite was first created and they started releasing battle passes.

When the Fortnite OG Season ends on December 3, 2023, the servers will shut down for maintenance, and Epic Games will begin rolling out Chapter 5. Like the previous chapters, Chapter 5 will be a massive event, with several new changes the development team will introduce to the game, including new locations, NPCs, weapons, items, game mechanics, and much more.

We can expect further, more concrete details closer to the arrival of this event at the beginning of December 2023. For now, prepare to enjoy the Fortnite OG Season as players amp themselves up for this momentous occasion.