Fan starts worst outfit in Final Fantasy XIV contest and undeniably wins immediately

Absolute nightmare fuel.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV gives you a lot of freedom in what to put on your character. There are epic outfits meant for hearty adventurers and also more modern attire that you might wear in everyday life. Deep within the recesses of Eorzea, however, lies absolutely sinister glamour options. You might see full costumes run by you as you explore the Market Board, but what would happen if the perfect combination of these costumed pieces was discovered? We no longer have to wonder. One fan has started a “worst outfit in Eorzea” contest and has almost certainly picked up the win themselves, providing a lot of laughs on social media.

Just soak it in and revel in its glory. This is the pinnacle of glamour. Look at the attention to detail here. The fan obviously took the time to create the most nightmare-fueled abomination that could possibly exist in Eorzea.

Let’s start with the torso. This is the body piece for the Vanu Vanu costume, which is earnable from the Heavensward Beast Tribe. The arms are taken from the Vath costume, also purchased with enough reputation from a Beast Tribe. The headpiece is the Mistbeard Mask and this player went all in on dying it hot pink. Everyone’s favorite feet option is even incorporated with the infamous No.2 Type B Boots.

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Of course, there have to be accessories, and this outfit utilizes the most clashing one possible — the Felicitous Furball Umbrella. As a package, this glamour is set to strut down the Eorzea’s worst outfit runway, while also giving anyone who sees it nightmares for weeks. Not all players see this for the horror it is, however, as some refuse to admit that it is awful and instead view it as the pinnacle of perfection in Final Fantasy XIV’s vast world.