Fans react to GTA Online’s new 50-car garage and its expensive price tag

So many cars, but so little money.

Image via Rockstar Games YouTube

GTA Online just got its weekly update today and it brought an unexpected item with the release, a 50-car garage. Some people might think that is a bit obsessive, but any hardcore GTA player knows how hard it is to have all your favorite cars without having to buy a thousand different apartments. Not having enough space for cars is something many GTA Online players face, but they also run into the problem of not having enough money as well, and the 50-car garage is worth a hefty piece of cash.

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What fans are saying about GTA Online’s 50-car garage

The 50-car garage is called “The Eclipse Blvd 50-Car Garage,” and it is located North of Los Santos. The massive garage is available to purchase from Dynasty 8 Real Estate for $2,740,000…which for any GTA player is a huge lump of money. A lot of players on the Reddit topic have been discussing the price, going back and forth about how some already have the money and others will be spending the whole weekend playing the game none-stop until they can buy it. One committed player even saying “I know what I’m doing for three hours tomorrow.” The real question though is…could you get that much money in three hours? Now that would be fun to test.

To prove how much some fans have wanted this, one player just left a comment of “finally” in all caps to share their excitement. A funny one that came from another fan is “I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.” Which is funny to think about. GTA Online has been out for about 10 years now and there are over 746 vehicles in the game. If you are a player who enjoys a lot of cars, tanks, or even motorcycles, you will fill up a standard garage very quickly.

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Something another player on Reddit asked is, “do I need to trade in an old property for this, or is it a new slot?” To which, another fan replied, “it is a new special slot.” This is also very exciting so players don’t have to stress about moving their cars or losing an apartment slot they might have wanted to keep.