Steam Players Review Bomb Borderlands Franchise Over Borderlands 3 Epic Games Store Exclusive News

Borderlands 3

Earlier today in a press release, 2k games detailed how their upcoming title, Borderlands 3, was going to be an Epic Games store exclusive for the first six months of publication. Fans did not take this information well. As such, they have begun to review bomb Borderlands 2 on Steam in protest of this choice.

Unfortunately, this is not limited to Borderlands 2. Other titles in the franchise, from Borderlands Game of the Year and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, are all getting hit by the same negativity.

A similar event happened when Metro Exodus, the third title of the Metro franchise, was going to be an Epic Games store exclusive for a year. Players review bombed the earlier games as much as possible, hoping the developers would change their decision.

This type of public outcry is nothing new. Many fans have begun performing this variety of protest in the past couple of years as a way to ‘stick it’ to the developers, over decisions they don’t like. If anything, it only proves that giving a review or preference access to fans is slowly degrading the quality of gameplay.

Until Steam steps in, it looks developers are going to have to deal with negative players attempting to ruin their past games.

Hopefully, this trend dies away at some point, because it does nothing more than further limit player access to voicing their opinion when they show support for games they love and give critical advice to those they think can be improved.