Final Fantasy XIV will try to lessen its housing crisis by introducing new housing wards in Patch 6.3

Supply and demand at its finest.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It is absolutely not a secret that housing in Final Fantasy XIV has been in crisis for years now. Getting a house is an extreme hassle. Unfortunately, the solutions to ease the burden over time have done little to improve the struggle. Players who want a house have to be relentless, and because of the lottery system introduced in Endwalker, must now also rely on luck. However, Patch 6.3 Gods Revel, Lands Tremble is making another attempt to improve the experience of obtaining a house.

During a recent livestream, game director Yoshida Naoki announced that they will be adding new wards to each of the existing residential areas in the game. Currently, the plan is to add six additional wards and subdivisions to every neighborhood. There are five different residential areas available in game, which means that these new wards and subdivisions will add a total of 1,800 new housing plots per server.

The plan is to utilize the lottery system for the sale of these new wards. This means that players will have to still rely on luck to get a plot, but with 1,800 new options, the odds are not as abysmal, especially for those only interested in owning a small plot. Medium plots will also be relatively plentiful. Large, on the other hand, will likely still be quite hard to obtain as only 180 new large plots will come with the additions.

Square Enix did not go into much detail on how many of these will be Free Company neighborhoods versus private ones. They have stated that this information will come at a later date. It is likely that the new wards will focus more on private buyers as the market for them is much higher. Giving too many wards to Free Companies in the past has led to empty neighborhoods with not enough Free Companies to occupy them.

Patch 6.3 Gods Revel, Lands Tremble releases sometime in early 2023.