Final Fantasy XIV’s newest Extreme Trial is uncharacteristically not very extreme

Leave a tank and healer at home.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Final Fantasy XIV is known for having some incredibly difficult fights, especially when they first launch during a new patch. On rare occasions, however, the player base can discover more interesting ways to tackle an encounter over what the developers obviously intended for the fight. The newest Extreme Trial introduced during Patch 6.3 Gods Revel, Lands Tremble is proving to be one such boss fight. Mount Ordeals Extreme is so forgiving that even party finder groups are discovering it can be easily brute-forced with unusual party compositions.

Mount Ordeals Extreme pits players against Rubicante, the archfiend of fire. While the fight has some interesting mechanics that involve a lot of fast thinking, players have discovered that the offtank has a pretty boring role to play in the fight. Furthermore, the community has taken to Reddit to discuss the fact that any decently geared player can take the boss’s tankbuster and survive. This revelation has spilled into party finder, and a lot of groups are now forgoing a second tank in favor of an extra DPS slot.

Certain parties are even discovering that a lot of the encounter has so much downtime with long periods of damage patterns that are not particularly lethal. This means that some groups are even dropping the second healer for another DPS, creating party compositions of one tank, one healer, and six DPS. Most fights in Final Fantasy XIV are not forgiving enough to allow this at launch, and so this is an oddity that shouldn’t be this easy to accomplish, especially in random party finder groups.

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Square Enix does not make a habit of buffing bosses after release, and even nerfing them is rare. It is likely that Mount Ordeals Extreme was tested and developed for players that don’t quite have best-in-slot gear, seeing as how Patch 6.3 is a catch-up patch and the trial itself drops weapons that are lower in item level than what can be earned in the current savage tier.