Flaming Espinas will make its way into Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Title Update 2

Make sure to bring plenty of armor.

Image via Monster Hunter YouTube

Ahead of the second free Title Update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the team has revealed one of the upcoming creatures players will have the chance to hunt down, Flaming Espinas. This fearsome creature will be one of several monsters making their way to the game in Title Update 2, scheduled to release in late September.

The reveal happened on the Monster Hunter YouTube Page, giving a brief teaser reveal of Flaming Espinas in action. We briefly see the monster exchanging a firey battle against Teostra, an elder dragon. The two have a quick exchange before the scene cuts away.

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The standard Espinas is a brutal fight for Monster Hunter players. Traditionally, he releases an attack that will do fireblight, paralysis, and poison in a single strike, typically forcing a player to retreat and deal with them before continuing. Hopefully, a Flaming Espinas loses some of these effects, but it will likely become even more brutal.

While we received little information about the dangers of Flaming Espinas, this will be one of the two major reveals the Monster Hunter team will have before the update releases. We still do not have an exact release date for the free title update.

If everything tracks similar to the first title update in Sunbreak, we will not learn much about what the team is working on until the day before it releases. We expect to learn about one more monster ahead of the release date. However, any other creatures players have the chance to hunt will be announced right before the update drops. We’re hoping for at least four to match Title Update 1, but we have no confirmation.