Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover brings Super Saiyan skins, rewards, and free episodes to the battle royale

It’s time to raise your power level.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite fans are being catered to one of the game’s biggest crossover events yet with its abundance of new Dragon Ball content. Although a leaked trailer already revealed its collection of skins, Epic Games has confirmed everything the event holds just hours before its release. The event will include Dragon Ball-themed challenges, free rewards, and a Creative map that lets players watch full episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

The most notable additions to the event are none other than new skins for Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma. Those who purchase Goku or Vegeta can also access three styles, each sporting different Super Saiyan forms. However, you won’t need V-Bucks to collect all of the event’s goodies. The update even delivers a “Power Unleashed” questline where players must complete challenges, such as collecting all seven Dragon Balls, to raise their power levels and unlock 13 free rewards.

via Fortnite’s YouTube channel

There’s also plenty of Dragon Ball features to enjoy in-game. For one, players can discover a new capsule item within its Battle Royale modes that either lends them Goku’s iconic Kamehameha attack or his Nimbus Cloud to fly around the island. Although players won’t find these capsules in Competitive, Epic has announced a new Tournament of Power Competitive mode will be added on August 18, featuring its own set of exclusive Dragon Ball rewards.

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Those wanting to take a break from the action even have the opportunity to watch one of six full episodes of Dragon Ball Super in Creative Mode’s Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival map. The map can be found within the game’s Discover page and will be live until September 17. During this time, Creative is also hosting a Dragon Ball Adventure Island, a creation allowing players to visit memorable locations like Goku’s House and Kami’s Palace to experience an assortment of mini-games.