Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 teasers show alien weapons and Fishstick toys

They have been studying us.

With the new season of Fortnite smash-hit battle royale being just days away, the teasers have started to flow on social media. The official Fortnite Twitter account is getting in on the act as well, sending out a tweet that shows what appears to be a futuristic weapon, a carton of milk, and a Fishstick toy.

The tweet confirms what we have known for a while, the inhabitants of the island are being studied by alien visitors, and they are about to have a major impact on things for the next season.

As the current season has contained the Primal weapons, it is entirely possible that new alien weapons may be coming to the game for the next season. The floating device on the right of the teaser clip sure does look like a weapon, we think.

The alien shenanigans have been getting very serious in Fortnite over the last few days, with crop circles appearing in some areas of the map. After that, players began to experience abductions at the hands of the alien visitors, being picked up and placed down in new areas of the map.

The aliens have slowly become bolder and bolder in their interactions with people on the island, and not the official accounts have started to tease their presence as well. It really does look like next season will be out of this world.