Fortnite Dragon Ball collaboration confirmed to begin next week, long after skins leak

Goku can finally take on The Rock.

Shenron in Fortnite

Image via Epic Games

Roughly a year after first collaborating with Naruto, Fortnite is set to join forces with another high-profile anime series. Following weeks of speculation, Epic has finally announced that Fortnite will crossover with the popular Dragon Ball series on August 16.

To announce the collaboration, the company took to Twitter to share an image of the Dragon Ball character Shenron — the wish-granting dragon summoned when all one collects all seven Dragon Balls — hovering over the Reality Tree.

At the time of writing, Epic has yet to unveil what all the collaboration will entail, but according to dataminers, it’s going to be a pretty sizeable crossover. Dataminers have previously alleged that Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus will all be dropping into the battle royale, alongside one other unknown character. Leakers have also suggested that the collaboration will feature seven weeks’ worth of challenges, which might make it a prime opportunity to level up your battle pass with the current season set to end next month.

Fortnite is no stranger to high-profile crossovers, but Epic has been hitting them especially hard in the current season. The headliner of Chapter 3, Season 3’s battle pass is Darth Vader, who can also be found as an in-game boss. Shortly after the current season’s debut, Epic also introduced a fresh batch of Naruto skins and challenges, followed up by Indiana Jones being added as a playable character. More recently, a number of Marvel skins were reintroduced to the item shop just last week.