Fortnite gets back on iOS and Android through NVIDIA GeForce NOW

Still banned from the app stores though.

Image via Epic Games

If you’re a Fortnite player who used to regularly play it on mobile, you’ll be pleased to hear that Fortnite is now available again on both iOS and Android devices. Not because Apple and Google have let it back on to their storefronts, but because Fortnite’s been added to the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service, as confirmed by this blog post.

A closed beta was made available earlier this year, but now any GeForce NOW subscriber can play the battle royale via cloud streaming. iOS owners can access the service via the Safari web browser, while Android owners can download the NVIDIA GeForce NOW app.

Aside from this sort-of mobile version offering touch controls, those that sign up with an RTX 3080 membership can enjoy 120fps gameplay on certain Android devices. There is a free membership if you don’t fancy paying but RTX 3080 and Priority members get extra features like better graphics and faster access to servers. Speaking of, NVIDIA is offering a three-day Priority membership as a thank you to all the participants of the Fortnite beta.

This isn’t the only way to play Fortnite on mobile devices either. The game was added to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service earlier this month. So, while Fortnite is unlikely to officially return to mobile anytime soon, there are now two viable workarounds if it’s your preferred choice of platform.

As a reminder, Fortnite was kicked off both the Apple and Google app stores for violating their store policies. This led to a lot of online drama (including a 1984-inspired advertising campaign against Apple) and a lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, one which didn’t exactly end in Epic Games’ favor.