Fortnite partners with Goat Simulator to deliver one absurd skin

A Goat has entered the lobby.

Image via Coffee Stain Publishing

From Halo to Borderlands, Fortnite has not been afraid to feature cosmetics inspired by the biggest franchises in gaming. Well, now it seemingly has its eyes set on including one of the wackiest. A trailer now confirms the battle royale will be teaming up with the Goat Simulator series to debut an animal skin like nothing before. Better yet, the cosmetic comes at no cost for select players.

In a trailer released by Coffee Stain Publishing, Goat Simulator 3 protagonist Pilgor is shown building and using a brain-scanning device to seemingly upload herself into Fortnite as a skin. What’s most striking is her cosmetic being upper-half goat and bottom-half human, ultimately forming what is now known as the “A Goat” skin. It even features the character’s lengthy tongue sticking out of her mouth, a tank top, and a fresh pair of jeans.

It’s then revealed that those who pre-order or purchase Goat Simulator 3 from the Epic Games Store will be granted the Fortnite skin right away. The promotion is said to be active until September 29, 2023. Meanwhile, battle royale players without Goat Simulator 3 will also have a chance to own the cosmetic. “A Goat” will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop starting on November 26, though its V-Bucks price has yet to be determined. If it is like other Gaming Legends skins before it, it is possible the skin could come bundled with other accessories in the future, possibly with a new Harvesting Tool or Glider.

via Coffee Stain Publishing’s YouTube channel

Although ridiculous, the collaboration makes perfect sense. Goat Simulator 3 is the first in the franchise to be available on the Epic Games Store, and it is set to launch this November. The latest action game will be sending Pilgor to the island of San Angora to wreak havoc on its residents, partake in cooperative play with friends, and simply cause as much destruction as possible.