You Have Just a Few Hours Left to Get the Triggerfish Skin in Fortnite


The Triggerfish skin is a rare Fortnite skin that is part of the Fish Food set. It was released in November of last year, and if you didn’t grab it then, it is time to jump on the fishy bandwagon. The Triggerfish skin will be in the Item Shop for roughly nine hours, and after that, who knows when it will be back.

The skin is a military version of the Fishstick skin, featuring camouflaged fatigues, body armor, and plenty of pouches for weapons. It also comes with three different styles, one of which features some face camo, and another which adds night vision goggles. Available for 1200 V-Bucks, it also comes with the Coral Commandos Back Bling.

Fortnite is in something of a strange state at the moment. With the Winterfest challenges officially finishing tomorrow, you have one day left to wrap up anything you haven’t already done. The Star Wars event has finished up, and it seems like everyone is just waiting for the season to end at this point. We do have new challenges coming our way later this week, and they may or may not be the Overtime challenges for this season.

Gamers are also eager to get a chance to get their hands on the Purple Remedy skin, but once again, nobody is sure when that will be possible. Epic nearly always provides players with a big event at the end of a season, so we also expect to see some clues about what is going to happen start to appear the game soon.