Genshin Impact 1.6 will bring the Midsummer Islands and outfits for Jean and Barbara

Summer sun, something’s begun.

Genshin Impact’s upcoming 1.6 update will be arriving on June 9, and as always will be bringing plenty of new content to the game. Summer will be kicking off in the world of Teyvat, and with it will come some appropriately-themed changes and activities.

Most importantly, the main Archon quest will be progressing, so players should ensure that they are fully up to date so that they can witness the introduction of Kazuha, the first character to arrive in the gamer from the Inazuma region.

The Midsummer Islands will also be coming to the game for the Midsummer Island Adventure event. In this event, players will need to help Klee to explore the islands in a boat called the Waverunner.

The Midsummer Island Adventure main event will be split into four stages. In the first stage, players need to sail on the Waverider and destroy floating towers and encampments, either through firing your boat’s cannon or in close combat. In the next stage, players will be challenged in a race that combines both sailing and flying.

The third stage will see players go head-to-head with a new boss, Maguu Kenki. And finally, players will be asked to clear out nearby monster encampments with the aid of three kinds of Harpastum Bombs. Maguu Kenki is an Inazuma style boss armed with twin swords, one of which does Anemo damage, the other doing Cryo damage.

New character outfits will be coming to the game for the first time, as players will be able to get new clothes for Jean and Barbara. Jean’s will be available in the in-game shop, while Barbara’s will be available through a new event called Echoing Tales.

So, it would seem that there will be a lot to do and plenty of new content for Travelers to enjoy when Genshin Impact 1.6 arrives on PC, PlayStation, and Mobile on June 9.