Genshin Impact: Arataki Itto teaser also potentially reveals Ayato VA

The Arataki Gang is here, and so is Ayato?

Image via miHoYo

Arataki Itto is the newest 5-star character heading to Genshin Impact in Version 2.3, appearing in the latter half of the update. As his Limited Featured Banner nears, miHoYo is slowly releasing some more information about the character. The studio recently posted a video teaser trailer for Arataki Itto.

The teaser shows Itto in a humorous stage performance, joined by his lackeys from the Arataki Gang. Itto stands triumphantly and performs a nonsense story, highlighting his buffoonish personality. However, he’s respected by those within the Arataki Gang, as silly as they are. Max Mittelman plays the brutish oni and plays up the goofiness to perfection.

One of the interesting aspects of the teaser comes right at the end, around a minute in. An unseen voice chimes in at the end, calling in the Tenryou Commission to arrest the gang, as they’re known for troublemaking around Inazuma. Fans have pointed out the voice is likely Kamisato Ayato, the brother of another playable character Kamisato Ayaka.

In the game’s official lore, Arataki Itto is shown to be rather close to Kamisato Ayato, as the two frequently bout with each other in trading card games or Onikabuto fights. The Japanese teaser trailer also credits Akira Ishida as Ayato’s voice actor. Either way, we’ll get more confirmation about Ayato’s personality at a later date.