Genshin Impact full Hu Tao and Weapon banner leaked

Who are the four-stars on Hu Tao’s banner?

Image via Mihoyo

Genshin Impact’s next featured character banner is Hu Tao, but we didn’t know what weapons and featured four-star characters would accompany her. Now, thanks to leaks, we know who is following Hu Tao’s trail on her banner, and what weapons she’ll be able to utilize.

The four-star characters with a featured rate-up alongside Hu Tao are Sayu, Diona, and the brand new Thoma. Thoma is a new character functioning as a shield support and will work brilliantly with Hu Tao, giving her shields and a damage boost due to the Pyro Resonance. This will also be Sayu’s first rate-up since her official release alongside Yoimiya. These leaks come via Reddit user genshinBLANK.

Meanwhile, the five-star weapons on the featured weapons banner will be the Staff of Homa (Hu Tao’s best weapon) and Elegy of the End, a bow suitable for off-field DPS like Venti. The four-stars on this banner will include the Wavebreaker’s Fin, Mouun’s Moon, Sacrificial Sword, The Widsith, and Rainslasher. This is a pretty stacked weapons banner, and the only truly bad weapon here is Rainslasher. While normally it’s not recommended to pull on the weapons banner, there are some pretty good featured weapons here.

These banners will release on November 2 after the Tartaglia banner ends.