Genshin Impact Shenhe leak is faked, no evidence of her release

Unfortunately, Shenhe isn’t coming anytime soon.

Image via miHoYo

A new Shenhe leak has been circulating around the web, purporting to show her in-game model. The leaks seemed to mirror the way the upcoming Arataki Itto was leaked, as we saw a blurry version of his model in-game.

Some places have called this leak credible, noting the similarities between appearances of her “model” and descriptions from other leaks. Unfortunately, the Shenhe picture is not real, and there’s no evidence of her releasing soon in the future.

Image via /r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks

The image was first posted on /r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks, where the original poster noted it was most likely a fake. Considering the original source noted it was likely fake, it’s bewildering that others have claimed the leak is real.

The leak was then proven fake by posters on the subreddit, with a Discord post also noting some oddities within the picture. A lack of shadows and shading, for example. It’s worth noting that the model has previously been leaked before, so her appearance in the image should be somewhat similar to her official release.

However, since that image is not reflective of her in-game appearance, it gives us no clues on Shenhe’s official release date. It’s important to take any leaks of any game with a grain of salt. While many leaks turn out to be real, and a genuine source of excitement, leaks like these can cause more problems than not.