Get a hug from Kirby with an adorable Valentine’s day read-along

Come and enjoy story time featuring everyone’s favourite pink ball of joy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Nintendo has treated Kirby fans to a Valentine-themed treat today with the release of its newest entry to the It’s Kirby Time read-along series, A Hug from Kirby. In this 6-minute narrated video, we see Kirby explore the idea of love with the help of his friend Adeleine and all the classic characters from the world of Kirby in a cutesy tale befitting the character.

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The video is part of a series of read-alongs featuring Kirby and his friends, which were originally released as physical picture books in Japan as part of the 30th-anniversary celebrations and the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Each with a unique, self-contained story that follows his adventures. Each of the stories is centered around a positive theme or message. Other entries to the series have included stories of treasured friendships, courage, and Christmas, and all feature calm music and cute hand-drawn illustrations to accompany the stories. You can see this read-along and all the others on the Nintendo of America Youtube channel and enjoy a cozy tale with our favorite pink ball of joy.

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Considering this video came out on Valentine’s Day, it makes sense for Kirby to be learning about love from all of his friends in this adorable tale. With Kirby and the Forgotten Lands being so well-received last year, it’s certainly a great time to be a fan of the puffball. In that game, he proved that he was ready and willing to protect his loved ones from “the ultimate life form” even if it means he has to swallow a car and take the series fully into the anime realm.