Get lost again in the Lands Between in this Elden Ring GeoGuessr game

All the beauty, none of the untimely deaths.

When Elden Ring came out, much was made of its beautiful and expansive landscapes (except for you, Caelid), harking back to the golden age of the first Dark Souls’ “if you can see it, you can go there” world design. However, if you’ve ever been curious as to how well the game’s locations actually stuck in your brain while you were being brained over and over again by the Tree Sentinel, you now have your chance.

After the popular location-guessing game GeoGuessr took the world by storm, Reddit user TheEdenChild decided to create, in which players can try and ascertain their location in various game worlds. The game has incorporated popular titles like World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and Genshin Impact already, but it recently added a fully-realized version of the Lands Between from Elden Ring, giving fans a chance to put their knowledge of the game to the test and try to figure out where they’ve landed without the risk of grievous bodily harm.

Elden Ring is surprisingly well-suited to this kind of game, it turns out. Many of its areas have a distinct style and color palette, from the potent greens and yellows of Limgrave, to the watery backdrops of Liurnia, to the general awfulness of Caelid. Elden Ring’s map is truly enormous, so even if you can narrow it down to a specific region, that’s still a lot of ground cover. Expect to wrack your brain trying to notice specific landmarks, and pray you don’t just get set down in the middle of a forest somewhere.

Responses to the game on social media have been positive, and though there have been some bugs reported, including getting dropped out of bounds and some markers not lining up with actual positioning, the community seems to be whole-heartedly embracing the game. If nothing else, at least it finally gives players a chance to stop and smell the scarlet rot-afflicted roses.