Get yeeted in Fall Guys’ hammer-filled Clan of Yeetus event

It’s hammer time.

Image via Mediatonic

There are endless obstacles in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but there’s something timelessly funny about being bopped by a big hammer and being flung from the ground. Developer Mediatonic is now channeling its inner MC Hammer and offering a special event that’s bringing the hammer down.

The event is called The Clan of Yeetus, and it kicks off on Thursday, July 28. Mediatonic announced it on Twitter, and the attached video gives a preview of what you can expect. Expect to get yeeted first and foremost — there will be a bunch of extra hammers swinging across the usual obstacle courses during Clan of Yeetus.

There will also be a handful of prizes to earn, as detailed on the Fall Guys blog. The Clan of Yeetus nickname, 200 Kudos, Yeetus Pass nameplate, Aspiring Yeeter pattern, and Packing Yeet backpack will all be up for grabs, and completing special challenges will earn you points toward those. We don’t know what the challenges entail just yet, but we do know that a Yeetus costume (seen at the top of this article) will also be available in the Fall Guys shop during the event. Original costumes typically cost 800 Show Bucks in the game.

Remember that events like this get their own special show on the game’s menu — you don’t have to deal with all the extra hammers if you just want to play Fall Guys normally. Door Dash, Hit Parade, Wall Guys, and Ski Fall will be the remixed rounds during the event. As promised on the blog, those who want to take on the Clan of Yeetus challenges can do so solo or with friends. That was the case with The Idol Games event earlier this month too.

There’s more than just The Clan of Yeetus to look forward to in Fall Guys right now. A Sonic-inspired stage modeled after Green Hill Zone recently leaked, showing off speed boosts and springs. Don’t forget to claim your free Grandis legendary costume piece too.