Ghost of Tsushima sells more than anticipated in Japan

The game is sold out at several stores.

Ghost of Tsushima

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

Ghost of Tsushima has sold more copies than anticipated in Japan, as revealed by the local PlayStation division in a tweet.

According to PlayStation Japan, “Ghost of Tsushima has been received better than we anticipated.”

This led the game to be “out of stock at some stores,” something PlayStation Japan is fixing by working on “additional production [which] is currently underway.” In the meantime, the platform owner suggests users can still download the digital edition through PlayStation Store.

The PS4 exclusive being so successful is also due to positive reviews that have been continuously delivered by Japanese outlets. Famitsu was one of the most supportive of the title, awarding it with a 40/40, which made it only the third Western game to achieve a perfect score on its pages.

According to Kotaku, popular Dengeki Online website has also shared that “in this world, there aren’t any weird [Japanese language] signs or anyone using dodgy Japanese.”

The review remarked that Sucker Punch’s game showed “respect for the period” and that “Japanese historical dramas have been thoroughly studied and brought to life in a world that is very close to how we picture his period of Japan in our minds.”

This is something Western developers are often said to fail when it comes to depicting Japan, both modern or from an era in the past.

It really seems the PlayStation first-party developer made the right call when it decided it would go for this setting instead of one of the alternatives, which included the Three Musketeers.

Lately, an inFamous meets Assassin’s Creed-like cancelled game called Prophecy was leaked as well, and it seems many of the gameplay elements attached to that project have contributed to make Ghost of Tsushima so fluid and fun to play.