Go for a jog through the sky with Hogwarts Legacy’s latest glitch

I believe I can fly…and walk.

Hogwarts Legacy has had its share of glitches since its launch like many games do. The game has nevertheless been a massive success for Avalanch Software. Today, a funny new glitch was found, which sees the player walking on their broom. Considering the agility it would take to pull something like this off, we’re a bit surprised to see it seemingly done so easily.

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Players in Hogwarts Legacy can dodge things in any direction at any time and you can actually upgrade this move to make it even stronger. Reddit user Dugloron did so and as they used dodge while dismounting the broom, something entertaining happened. For some reason, Dugloron’s character decided to follow in Forrest Gump’s shoes and “just start running,” albeit this time when they’re hundreds of feet in the air on a broomstick.

Obviously, this particular glitch is on the funny side of things. It’s much easier to stomach things like this when compared to other glitches that can sometimes break the game. While it probably won’t be helping anyone trying to speedrun Hogwarts Legacy, it’s certainly good for a laugh. Fortunately, most of these glitches seem to be few and far between, which might be part of the reason why Hogwarts Legacy is enjoying such solid sales to start the year.

With the game having so much success, it would be odd not to see the developers do anything more with the game. The developers don’t have any plans for DLC yet, but fans are still hoping for future content and we think it certainly seems like the team would be leaving money on the table if they don’t plan to add more down the line. Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with Nintendo Switch and older consoles coming later this year.