God of War fans want to see Egyptian gods after Ragnarok

Heading south again?

Image via Ubisoft

God of War Ragnarok arrives in November, and that will be the end of this particular saga. We’ve known for some time that the Norse-inspired God of War story would only be two games and not a full trilogy, which leaves fans with the question of what comes next.

That’s exactly what ResetEra member Marcus Aurelius asked in a poll on the popular gaming forum. “Where should God of War go after Norse,” the poll prompts, with options like Japanese, Chinese, Native American, and Hindu mythologies. The current winner (by a long shot) is Egyptian, with just over half of all votes. Behind that is a jokey answer of monotheism, and Mayan/Aztec is in third. Egypt winning the poll shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the Egyptian pantheon is used in many video games already — that’s Assassin’s Creed Origin’s Trial of the Gods shown at the top of this article, in fact.

In terms of what an Egyptian God of War game would entail, there are plenty of deities for Kratos (or a different protagonist) to clash with. Set and Sekhmet are potential foils to Kratos as the god and goddess of war, respectively. Others include Anubis the god of death and the crocodile-headed Sobek. Series lead Cory Barlog even said that Egypt was one of the likelier scenarios for the current God of War games before Scandinavia. That Mayan/Aztec setting was on the table too.

In any case, Ragnarok will be the end of the Norse God of War saga, and it will have nine whole realms for us to explore this fall. It’s launching on Wednesday, November 9 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. There’s a ton of hype around the sequel, as the release date announcement video alone got millions of views and likes. For anyone looking to revisit the series ahead of Ragnarok’s arrival, we’ve got you covered — here’s how to play the God of War games in order.