Soon You’ll Be Able To Up The Ante At The Vinewood Casino In GTA V

GTA Online

After leaks and rumors, Rockstar have confirmed that the Vinewood Casino will be opening soon in GTA Online. The casino, which has been in the game since it launched, has never been open to the playing public before. In a recent Tweet, Rockstar confirmed the rumors and advised us all to get our money clips ready, because Vinewood Casino will be opening soon.

The rumors began after some small changes to the outside of the Casino were noticed, and various items and props appeared to make it look like some construction work was being done on the Casino. At the moment, nobody knows what the Casino will entail with regards to gameplay. I wouldn’t get my hopes up that you will be able to do too much actual betting in it, as this may fall foul of various laws that control gambling.

With a recent crackdown on how the industry has been implementing loot boxes in various regions, it is unlikely that Rockstar wants to risk any pushback by allowing people to spend real-world money on Shark Cards, and then lose all that money in the Casino. This may be interpreted as simple gambling, and would probably draw a lot of negative attention towards the game.

I hope to see another Heist based around the Casino. The Casino robbery is one of the cornerstones of the type of cinema that has inspired a lot of the action in games like GTA. A complex, multi-mission Heist based around getting into, and out of, the Casino with your ill-gotten gains could be amazing. An established crime family could also control the Casino, and it is up to us to make their lives miserable, and eventually take over the casino itself.

For now, it is all just theory, but we are eagerly awaiting more news and will keep you updated as any information is made available.