Halo Infinite gets a massive update that makes all Armor Cores free, adds a custom game browser, and more

Halo Infinite lives!

Image via 343 Industries

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Halo Infinite remained quiet in the last few months, with fans waiting patiently for the significant December update. Though players were hoping that the new update would revitalize the game, many were not expecting how much the December patch included. The update includes a custom game browser, makes all the Armor Cores accessible, improves mouse and keyboard balancing, and drops in a brand new map based on the iconic The Pit map in past Halo games.

The new The Pit map is labeled Empyrean, and it will be available in rotation in multiplayer matchmaking, as well as in game modes found in the new custom games browser. The new custom games browser allows players to join maps and game modes created with the new Forge tools. Players can use Forge to create customizable content in Halo Infinite, including customizable maps and game modes. Previously, gamers were only limited to online matchmaking with maps and modes offered by 343 Industries. With the December update, players can try online matches with other user-created content.

The December update also makes several cosmetics free, including the five Armor Cores and the ten Cadet Armor Coatings for the Cores. Previously, these Armor Cores and Coatings were only available as part of the Premium Battle Passes and needed to be bought with real-world money. The patch also fixes several notorious bugs plaguing the game and made several quality-of-life improvements. One improvement includes reducing the likelihood for players to experience a desyncing issue while playing online multiplayer. A red reticle indicator is included in the game for PC, while aiming, walking, and the scroll wheel have received improvements on the mouse and keyboard.

343 Industries has released the full details for the December update for Halo Infinite on the Halo Waypoint support page, and the update is available to download right now.