Hitman 3 Freelancer Mode delayed to 2023, eluding us once again

47, that is what we call a delay.

Image via IO Interactive

Much like Agent 47 slipping away after a clean kill, Hitman 3’s long-awaited Freelancer Mode has gotten away from us yet again. Originally planned to release this spring, it was pushed to later in 2022. It’s now coming in 2023, making this the second delay.

Developer IO Interactive broke the news on its blog. While the delay is certainly going to be a disappointment for some fans, the good news is that Freelancer Mode will be more substantial when it arrives. The mode works by giving each player a safe house from which they can initiate a series of random hits across Hitman 3 maps. “We’ve decided to push beyond our original scope for launch and include almost all locations from the World of Assassination from day one,” IOI states. The mode might be delayed, but it’ll have more to offer when it arrives. We do have a new launch date at least: Freelancer Mode will debut on January 26, 2023.

Until then, IOI will be releasing more information during what it’s calling the “road to Freelancer.” Today’s news was the first post in that series. We’ll get another on October 27, followed by a Freelancer technical test and a third post in November, with additional follow-ups in December. This week, Hitman 3 will also receive its 3.130 patch and October roadmap — look for that on Thursday, October 6.

Freelancer Mode may be delayed again, but Hitman 3 has still seen lots of additional content during its second year. September additions included the Neon Ninja Suit, a free-play session for Hitman 1’s Hokkaido, and featured contracts on Ambrose Island. That last location deserves its own recognition too, since it was the first totally new map added to Hitman 3 after launch, giving players a fresh Silent Assassin challenge.

There’s a lot to look forward to beyond Hitman 3’s new content and modes. IOI is developing a James Bond 007 game, and it’s currently slated for 2025 at the earliest.