Hitman 3 Season of Sloth brings a new Escalation, Featured Contracts changes tomorrow

Don’t get up 47, let someone else do the work for you.


Image via Io Interactive’s YouTube

Io Interactive has today announced the next Season of Sin in Hitman 3, Season of Sloth. The new season is the third in the Seasons of Sin Collection and will be available to all those who have purchased the season pass, but it’s also available separately. The Season of Sloth roadmap will arrive tomorrow, with details of everything coming over the next few weeks.

Season of Sloth launches tomorrow at 7 AM PT/3 PM BST, bringing a host of new content to the game. The main content for the Season of Sloth is a brand new Escalation called The Sloth Depletion. In it, players will be taken to a revamped version of the Dartmoor location. In keeping with the sloth theme, there’s trash everywhere, and the time of day has been shifted to late afternoon. The unique gimmick with this Escalation is a vitality meter. The more actions you make, the more this meter goes down. You can sit in chairs around the location to recover and preserve your vitality, so you need to be careful about everything you do. For completing this Escalation, you’ll earn the Slapdash SMG, the Goldbrick Proximity Mine, and the Latophage Suit.

In addition, this season, IO Interactive is adding a new challenge to Hitman 3. This challenge requires you to complete 40 Featured Contracts, and the reward for that is a brand new pinnacle weapon—the ICA 19 F/A Ducky Edition. The way Featured Contracts are being chosen is being revamped from Season of Sloth onwards to keep things interesting. Now two people at Io Interactive will play through each submitted Contract and look to the dedicated players for the best Featured Contracts rather than content creators.

Players should expect at least two more Elusive Targets in this season, as well as three rounds of Featured Contracts and two more Escalations.