Hitman 3’s roguelike Freelancer mode gets a tech test in November

Welcome back 47.

Image via IO Interactive

IO Interactive has confirmed that a technical test for the Freelancer mode in Hitman 3 will be coming in November. The tech test will be a Closed Performance Test in which only a limited amount of players can sign up and take part. The test will begin at 1 PM UTC on November 3 and will run until 4 PM UTC on November 7. The test will only be available on Steam, and the new mode is considered a separate title from Hitman 3, meaning players won’t be able to access Freelancer in the base game.

Players can sign up for the technical test on the sign-in webpage for the Freelancer Closed Test. If a player is selected to be part of the Test, IO Interactive will send that player an invite. Once the invite has been received, an activation code will be sent via email. The code can get redeemed on Steam, which will then download the Freelancer Mode as a new product. Players then need to activate a “beta branch” within the product to get access to the test. The file’s download size is expected to be approximately 60 GB. Once the test is over, players need to fill out a survey to give IO Interactive feedback on the mode and what aspects can be improved.

Whereas the main Hitman 3 title is a stealth and assassination game, the Freelancer mode is more of a roguelike. Players begin the mode at Agent 47’s safe house, where they can pick and sort through missions to create a set. There’s a main boss that players need to assassinate, but to draw their attention, players have to take out the lower-level henchmen. Players can control the location of the boss by choosing to take out the other targets in alternate locations first. Players will not know who the boss is and need to complete the missions in order. If a player fails by dying, the entire set will get deleted, and they lose all of their gear. The mode is set to fully release on January 26, 2023.