Hogwarts Legacy Introduces Arachnophobia Mode Following Fan Requests

Begone spiders.

Image via Avalanche Software

For some, a fear of spiders is a real problem that can hinder or outright ruin a game for them, and in games today, it seems that the creepy crawlers and their counterparts are everywhere. Thankfully for Hogwarts Legacy fans, the developer has taken steps to help in its new patch.

Alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of Hogwarts Legacy, a new Arachnophobia Mode has been added to the game that will alter the appearance of spiders and make them a less unsettling presence as players explore the wizarding world.

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Arachnophobia Mode Turns Spiders Into Riddikulus Skate-Wearing Blubs

Image via Portkey Games

A new patch has been released today, along with the past-gen version of the game that includes the much-requested Arachnophobia Mode. The new accessibility option will turn all the spiders in the game into far less threatening versions, with the announcement tweet showing off a red and round body with a few markings, no legs, and some rollerskates for feet.

As well as altering their appearance, the setting will reduce and remove all spider skitters and screeches, so players won’t have to deal with the unsettling sounds either. It also will remove the small spider ground spawners and make all static spiders in the world, like corpses, invisible to players. It should be noted that it will not change their appearance in the Field Guide.

Along with this new mode, the patch includes many bug fixes and performance issues, including fixing save game issues and broken quests. This is just the latest game to include a mode like this, with the recently released Star Wars Jedi: Survivor having a similar mode for its spider-like creature.

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As you would expect, a lot of players are thrilled with this new addition, with many saying they feel they can finally play the game, and with the game now available on past-gen consoles, more people can jump into the magical adventure.