Jötunn is toast after Bungie disables it over a spicy Destiny 2 Crucible exploit

Bungie is on the warpath.

Destiny 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bungie has disabled the Jötunn Exotic Fusion Rifle in all Crucible modes in Destiny 2. This is because a few players discovered an exploit that allowed them to pick up 10 special ammo from each box instead of the usual one, resulting in some truly broken gameplay.

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Jötunn is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that deals a huge amount of damage, with a shot that can even track enemies, ensuring you take them out. It’s already a bit too powerful for the Crucible, but the exploit discovered by players following the release of Lightfall and Season of Defiance made it unbeatable. The exploit allowed players to get 10 ammo from every Special Ammo box when using Jötunn with the Solar Scavenger Mod on their current boots. You can see the exploit in action in YouTuber Cheese Forever’s video below.

As a result of the abuse of Crucible mechanics this exploit represents, Bungie has removed it from the game mode entirely. This isn’t the only sweeping change the developer has made in the last few hours, though. It’s also disabled the Arc Hunter’s Disorienting Blow melee completely. It seems as though this has happened because, for whatever reason, the attack had no cooldown. This allowed Arc Hunters to spam their fully-powered melee attack over and over without needing to wait for it to recharge.

These issues are almost certainly the result of the release of Lightfall and Season of Defiance. The major expansion adds a lot of new content to the game, and despite thorough testing, it’s clear that there were some issues it caused that didn’t get caught. However, this problem with Jötunn was so niche that it’s hard to say if it could have been caught at all before release anyway.

Destiny 2 Lightfall’s launch has been anything but smooth. While on the surface, things might appear that way, there have been several issues that have prevented some players from engaging with it. The most problematic of these is with Xbox players. In the lead-up to Lightfall’s release, Bungie issued a set of instructions Xbox Series X/S players needed to follow if they wanted to play Lightfall at all.

Overnight, Bungie posted a thread explaining to those same Xbox players that they may need to check if their purchase of Lightfall was refunded. This resulted in many players being unable to play because they didn’t have the expansion at all, through no fault of their own. We’re unsure why Xbox platforms seem to experience more issues than others at the time of writing, but it’s clear that Bungie is struggling to wrangle with the hardware.