Knockout City ends its final games with Season 9, shutting servers in June

The final quarter.

Image via EA Originals and Velan Studios

Tragedy has hit Knockout City as the developers announced Season 9 will be the final season, and all servers will shut down on June 6. The developers at Velan Studios claim the decision to shut down the game was difficult, but the studio promises more content will come with the final season. However, Velan’s assurance does little to heal players’ hearts, as many gamers have been forced to face a handful of games being shut down in the last few days.

Velan Studios publish a blog post going over what players can expect for Knockout City in its last few months. Season 9 will kick off on February 28, starting with the final planned update for the game, version 9. The beginning of Season 9 will set off a 12-week season featuring six back-to-back events. The season will also include a whole event based on League Play, a new map that ties into the season-themed Brawl Pass and Deep Space Dispatch storyline, and a super-sized two-week Midnight Madness where the community will decide the two Playlists to close out the last season and the game.

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All real-money transactions will be removed from the game on February 28 as well, meaning players will not be able to purchase Holobux and any exclusive bundles on any platform. To compensate for the lack of real-life currencies, every event in Season 9 will reward players with a plethora of XP, Style Chips, and Holobux. The shops will have massive sales during all the events, selling every cosmetic at a huge discount. Then on May 23, on the game’s second anniversary, the Thanks for the KOs event begins. Thanks to the KOs will feature triple the XP, rewards, and the return of the Superpowers: Power Grab playlist.

Knockout City may be ending, but it is at least ending with a bang. Any player can join in on the farewell tour as the game went free-to-play in June 2022. Gamers are heartbroken over the title’s end, and it is not the only game force to end services in the last few days. Rumbleverse is shutting down on February 28, while Back 4 Blood will not be receiving any more content.