Legends of Runeterra 1.7 patch notes

What’s new and improved in Riot’s deck building title?

Legends of Runeterra 1.7 patch notes update

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s 1.7 patch notes have arrived. The latest update to Riot Games’ deck-building card game will be available to download on Wednesday, August 5 but, ahead of that, we’re here to bring you what’s new and improved.

Legends of Runeterra’s 1.7 patch will add two new Epic quests, more event-themed items in its online store, a new Lab to try out, and more. The 1.7 update will also run for three weeks instead of two while Legends of Runeterra’s dev team takes some downtime ahead of the 1.8 update.

Legends of Runeterra Quick Draw Lab

The newest Lab for users to try will be Quick Draw. Players draw five new Fleeting cards each round that have heavily discounted mana costs. Players will only have three mana to use per round, however, so using your cards quickly and wisely is the aim of the game.

Each card in your hand is fleeting, too, so you’ll have to use them or lose them. The only way to keep hold of specific cards for your next turn is to use the special Prolong card. You draw these every other round, but they must be used tactically to give you the best chance of winning.

What other changes are coming in Legends of Runeterra 1.7?

Singleton Gauntlets will now allow tri-region decks, which is different it from Standard Gauntlets. You will also be able to filter decks by deckbuilding rules in Standard or Singleton modes.

There are minor adjustments to certain Expedition Archetypes, such as Fishbones and Spell Slingers, but they’re detailed in the full patch notes below. Finally, those playing Legends of Runeterra on iOS devices will require iOS 13 to play once patch 1.8 goes live on August 26. Ensure you’ve updated your software to this one; otherwise, Legends of Runeterra won’t work.

Legends of Runeterra 1.7 full patch notes


  • Boards – Nightshade Shrine board available for 1290 coins
  • Bundles – Dragonling bundle available for 975 coins
  • Card Backs – three new card backs — Spirit of the Bloom, Spirit of Nature, and Crossed Spirits — available to buy in the store
  • New wink emote available to purchase in the store

Expedition Archetypes


  • After choosing Fishbones in pick 1, you’ll now see both a Bilgewater option and a Piltover & Zaun option for pick 2 and will no longer be forced into a tri-region deck.


  • Added: Twin Disciplines
  • Removed: Shadowshift

Shadows and Dust

  • Added: Navori Conspirator, Ren Shadowblade
  • Removed: Shadow Fiend

Spell Slingers

  • Removed: Retreat, Ye Been Warned

Total Recall

  • Added: Greenglade Duo, Yusari
  • Removed: Plaza Guardian


  • Two new Epic quests added for the Spirit Blossom Festival
  • Expeditions now refresh on Thursday (was Tuesday). This week we’ll have a short, two-day refresh to make the transition
  • Certain Death decklist from Bestow lab adjusted (previously applied hotfix).
  • Discard-from-hand animations sped up when several are queued
  • In-game rules widget added to Labs


  • Fixed a crash when trying to replace a unit at the start of round with a full hand
  • Fixed an issue where Back Alley Barkeep could create copies of itself (generally, random “create” cards aren’t supposed to make copies of themselves)
  • Fixed an issue where the VFX on Insight of Ages would produce pink sparkles
  • Fixed an issue where Sejuani (level 2) would cause units to overlap when summoned at the same time her ability triggers
  • Zed (level 2) icon tray adjusted