Madden 22 developers address beta feedback, makes community-recommended changes prior to launch

Big changes are coming.

Madden 22 will launch in two weeks, and it’s safe to say that the stakes are high. This will be the first true next-gen launch for the Madden franchise, and to ensure that things run smoothly come launch date, EA launched a lengthy two-week closed beta back in June. This beta allowed EA to collect feedback on the game before launch, and the developers have responded with the most requested changes, plus what else is new in Madden 22.

As part of a Gridiron Notes article, the developers noted the following issues that were cited regularly from the community:

  • Catching issues – Receivers/Defensive Backs need to be more aggressive in attacking the ball, defenders don’t always go for the interception when in position, catch mechanics aren’t always responsive
  • Player Movements – Player Movement is too slow ,player Movement is authentic, don’t change it ,there should be a bigger difference between big players vs. small players in speed
  • Game stability crashes and softlocks

All three have been addressed. The devs emphasized that a lot of the work regarding catching did not make the beta, so players should expect a much different game in that regard.

Here’s a complete look at the main changes that are coming to the finished product:

  • Receivers are dropping the ball really late after the catch
  • Dive Tackles are too powerful
  • Dive Tackles sometimes would warp a player off the ground to make the tackle (note: there is ongoing work in the same space for diving catches in upcoming updates)
  • Lower-rated QBs play too well on All-Madden
  • Momentum Meter fills up too fast
  • Competitive Modes Momentum Formula not ready for launch
  • Situational Pursuit tuning
  • Edge Rush is too powerful
  • Too much pass rush pressure when only rushing two or three on Competitive game style (DEV NOTE: To further balance the increased pass rush in Madden NFL 22, we’ve added some logic specific to the Competitive game style so that it will be very difficult to get consistent pressure when rushing three or less, especially vs. double teams.)
  • Gunslinger/QB Releases Changes (DEV NOTE: For launch, we are distributing the Gunslinger ability to more QBs. We will continue investigating ways to improve QB releases for future title updates, while still ensuring that QBs are properly differentiated and that all QBs cannot make every throw that elite QBs can.)
  • QB Contain not always effective in certain situations
  • Drive Summary in-game banner showing bad clock data is fixed
  • First Down line missing is fixed
  • Offensive Line abilities don’t seem effective
  • Improvements for defense vs. TE Delay Fades:
    • Logic to improve QB Contain logic vs. delay blockers
    • Tuning to improve pass rusher logic to properly disengage away from a delay blocker
    • Logic to improve QB Contain logic vs. delay blockers in double teams
    • Tuning to man coverage to stick in coverage on the TE in delay longer
  • RPO Fixes:
    • Tuning to improve the angle of the read defender when playing the QB to avoid faster QBs from being able to run around him
    • The QB will no longer be able to turn and run before completing his first step after faking the handoff
  • Wind Direction Indicator fixed to show the appropriate direction of the wind

Additionally, the Franchise mode will have fatigue tuned, along with changes to the simulation for scrambling QBs, as well as a tweak that will ensure that high OVR players will be interested in signing contracts.