Metroid Dread receives update fixing progression bug

You won’t be dreading this door anymore.

Samus in Metroid Dread

Screenshot by Gamepur

Nintendo has released an update that promised to fix the bug that was causing Metroid Dread to crash. The bug was found by multiple players last week, where if you placed a marker on a specific door on the map screen, then destroyed that door, the game would forcefully quit.

Nintendo has posted instructions on their site on how you can update the game. Updating the game will bring the game up to V1.01, released October 20, and also “Fixed several other issues to improve the overall gameplay experience,” but there were no specific details shared as to what those fixes were.

The company also publicly acknowledged that in a post on their customer services site last week, advising players not to place the marker to avoid the risk of the game crashing and players losing their progress. They also promised that the update would come by the end of October, and considering we still have a week to go; the update was likely pushed as a priority. 

The update was necessary, as the door was located near the end of the game, although Nintendo didn’t specify where. It’s good to see them act so quickly on it and being honest about the bug’s existence. Nintendo’s social media is usually reserved for promotional material, and they rarely talk about issues with any of their products on their social media.