Minecraft Dungeons update – Patch notes

Winter creeps into Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons update patch notes

Image via Microsoft

The Minecraft Dungeons update has been rolled out. The latest patch adds the Creeping Winter DLC to the Minecraft spin-off and many in-game changes and bug fixes.

What’s new in Minecraft Dungeons update

The latest update adds the Creeping Winters expansion. Players can take on three new missions, encounter new enemies, including the Illusioner and Iceologer, find new armor, skins, and weapons, and adopt an Arctic Fox pet.

A new feature, Daily Trials, has also been patched through. Players can complete daily tasks, which see different game mechanic elements tweaked to add greater challenges to overcome and earn powerful rewards. There are four new gear pieces to acquire, camp merchants to rescue, and artifacts, tools, enchantments, and armor up for grabs.

Minecraft Dungeons changes

  • Added a Map Legend, showing new rewards, secret locations, and captured merchants
  • New achievements and trophies to unlock for Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter
  • After losing a life, players are now given a bundle of arrows if their they had less than one full bundle
  • The host of an online game can now toggle Private Game so friends can’t join unless they’re invited
  • Battlestaff now drops in Lower Temple
  • Light Feather now triggers all rolling enchantments

Balance changes

  • Shortbow / Longbow / Bow: Increased ammo 50%
  • Cutlass: Changed attack combo from 4 to 2 attacks
  • Pickaxe: Changed attack combo to 1 attack
  • Daggers: Increased dagger attack range by 25%

Minecraft Dungeons bug fixes

Crashes and performance

  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay across all platforms
  • Fixed the game freezing after activating Flaming Quiver, Fireworks Arrow, and Torment Quiver at the same time on Nintendo Switch


  • Made dozens of improvements and fixes to Text-to-Speech throughout the game
  • Fixed players getting disconnected from a session if the host experienced low FPS during the loading screen


  • The Corrupted Cauldron can no longer be insta-killed
  • Fixed players having no arrows and health potion not working if getting disconnected from a game during load screen, then reconnecting
  • Using soul related items while wearing soul related gear no longer results in the player getting propelled into the air (MCD-1810)
  • Fixes to inventory salvage issues
  • Fall damage has changed to percentage of health, regardless of armor worn


  • Fixed the gates flickering when down on Overgrown Temple
  • Fixed the ending cinematic becoming choppy during online multiplayer


  • Updated lobby chest close sound to better fit close action
  • Fixed missing sound when pressing the last button in the puzzle on Dingy Jungle
  • Fixed background music randomly stopping on Lower Temple
  • Redstone Golem mines no longer produce sound when Master Volume is set to 0%
  • Fixed cinematic voiceover language not changing after the system’s preferred language is changed
  • Fixed menu sound effects not playing when selecting Threat Level VII

User Interface

  • Fixed the controller disconnect prompt not disappearing after reconnecting a controller (MCD-1584)
  • Fixed the door at the end of Dingy Jungle prompting “Travel” instead of “Exit”
  • Fixed a rare issue that showed an incorrect ‘P0’ indicator on the Mission Select screen in local multiplayer, causing input issues
  • Fixed the white background appearing briefly during rewards screen after opening the chest
  • Panda Plateau now shows the proper loading screen for hidden missions
  • Added a spinning icon animation to the Microsoft account sign in screen
  • Altered the teleport menu so it will close if a button is pressed that isn’t bound to a specific target player

Nintendo Switch specific fixes

  • Fixed a crash when pressing the Available now button for Jungle Awakens with guest controller
  • Fixed news not appearing if not logged into a Microsoft account