Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Hunting Horn Switch Skill Swap abilities revealed in new trailer

Monsters going to horny jail.


Image via Monster Hunter YouTube

Capcom has revealed the new attacks and abilities being added to the Hunting Horn weapon type in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It joins six other weapons in receiving its own Switch Skill Swap trailer. As you’ll see below, the Hunting Horn has a new Silkbind Attack and other new moves that you will be able to swap between on the fly in the upcoming expansion.

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Fresh from revealing the new abilities and attacks of the Heavy Bowgun, Switch Axe, and Sword & Shield, Capcom has provided us with a taste of the new moves incoming for the Hunting Horn. Watch the trailer below to see the new Hunting Horn Switch Skill Swap abilities in action:

As you have seen in the trailer above, the Hunting Horn’s new Silkbind Attack is the Silkbind Shockwave. This powerful new ability gives any and all follow-up attacks additional hits for a “short period of time.” Hopefully, this will make hunting the toughest monsters a little easier with more hits meaning more damage. Another new attack for the Hunting Horn is the Swing Combo, which you won’t want to get in the way of.

As was originally revealed in the May digital event for the expansion, the new Switch Skill Swap function in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak allows you to swap between Switch Skill loadouts during a hunt. You will be able to switch between two different skill sets for each mission. If performed correctly, Switch Skill Swaps can work wonders in a hunt and help you bring down the biggest of monsters with slick combos.

Now we’ve been given a look at the Hunting Horn’s new abilities, as well as those of the Great Sword, Hammer, and Insect Glaive, there aren’t too many weapon-type upgrades left for Capcom to show us. It’s all adding up toward a large expansion with an exhaustive list of new content.