NBA 2K21 1.05 update – Patch notes

It’s officially Fall season in the Neighborhood.

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Image via 2K Games

Even with next-gen NBA 2K21 appearing to be a gigantic leap forward, current-gen iterations will not go forgotten. The new 1.05 update makes this evident, as it is currently live and features fixes throughout all modes, new uniforms, and a brand new Neighborhood theme.

The highlight of the patch is the addition of the Fall-themed 2K Beach, which includes a newly decorated Neighborhood. Statement uniforms for the incoming season are also available and can be used in Play Now and MyLeague. Beyond typical bug fixes, there’s also almost 80 players that have been remodeled for more accurate portrayals.

Here is the full list of changes made from the 1.05 update.


  • Fall has come to 2K Beach! Beachgoers will now find Fall themed decorations throughout the Neighborhood!
  • We strive for continuous improvements to player likeness and this update brings another set of player likeness and tattoo improvements for nearly 80 current NBA players, WNBA players, and historic NBA players.
  • New team Statement uniforms for the ‘20-21 NBA season.
  • New Ball Arena court floor for the Denver Nuggets.


  • The traveling Big Top event is on its way to 2K Beach! Keep your eyes out for this and some other new tent events in the coming weeks and months! 
  • Fixed an art issue that was affecting the basketball machines in Jeff’s Arcade.
  • Fixed an issue where the Roster Viewer screen in some cases could falsely display F grade rating for attributes.
  • Fixed a rare hang that would sometimes happen after certain drills in the Team Practice Facility. 
  • Fixed an issue in MyCOURT where the player could lose functionality while standing in some specific spots in the living room area. 


  • Fixed an issue preventing Limited stickers from appearing on cards in the Auction House while Limited is active.
  • Limited Time Events will now display a date for events that last multiple days.
  • Addressed an issue where the shot clock would not appear on the scorebug during Triple Threat Challenges.
  • Fixed an issue where custom badges were not showing up in Triple Threat offline or Triple Threat Challenges.
  • The Season Menu will now take you directly to your Season Agendas, unless you’ve leveled up!
  • Addressed an issue with some members of the crowd jittering during Triple Threat games. 


  • All of the end of season awards have been updated now with the ’19-20 NBA season and Playoffs having completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the left stick and D-pad could lose functionality when viewing badges in the player card screens.

Many more fixes included to improve the overall experience of NBA 2K21 across all game modes.

*Update is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4; will roll out to additional platforms at a later date.